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Why Does My Tooth Hurt

Unknown to many of us is the fact that a tooth pain is typically not an illness of itself. Rather, it is usually a sign of an underlying dental problem. Therefore the key to dealing with the tooth pain properly would be to understand what is likely to be causing it. Why does my tooth hurt is the question most people ask themselves.

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One likely cause of tooth pain is a tooth infection. Indeed, most tooth infections manifest through toothaches initially; this being the body’s way of telling you to do something before further damage is done to the tooth. Choosing to ignore such toothache may lead to a situation where the toothache abates for a while, but you can be sure that it never quite goes away: it only goes ‘under’ only to re-emerge worse. So for this type of toothache that is caused by tooth infections, the best solution is simply to have the underlying infection resolved, rather than trying to cope with the pain.

toothacheThe second likely cause of a toothache is the emergence of ‘wisdom teeth’ – these being a type of teeth that emerges in a person’s adulthood. That is why many people ask “Why does my tooth hurt?”. In most cases, the toothache that follows the emergence of wisdom teeth tends to go away on its own after a few days. So the first course of action, about it, is to take a potent painkiller; in the hope that it will eventually go away. If it doesn’t, medical intervention may be necessary; for there is no knowing whether it couldn’t be a case where the emerging tooth is badly presented.

The third likely cause of a toothache is injury, or rather ‘impact’ to the tooth, which results in it being cracked or otherwise broken – and ultimately which manifests as pain. The solution here depends on how bad the impact is. The tooth could be repaired, or if it is beyond repair by the Corrimal dentist in Woonona Dentists clinic, extracted to get rid of the pain.

The fourth likely cause of a toothache is jaw disease; where it is not the tooth itself that is infected, but rather the jaw (which is the bone onto which the tooth is based). Getting rid of this type of toothache is often a question of dealing with the underlying jaw disease.