personal safety tip

Personal Safety Tip Guidelines

The purpose of this personal safety tip is to help citizens properly navigate and act in extreme and emergency situations, as well as to ensure the creation of conditions conducive to the investigation of crimes. Anyone should accurately represent their behavior and actions in extreme situations, psychologically be prepared for self-defense.

Pay attention to suspicious people or objects. Reviews of your surrounding with any changes are necessary to be reported. Report everything suspicious to law enforcement officials.

The family should have an emergency plan. All family members should have phone numbers, email addresses. You must set up a meeting place where you can meet with your family members in an emergency. In case of evacuation, take with you a set of essential items and documents. In the house, it’s necessary to strengthen and seal the entrances to the basements and to the attics, install an intercom, free staircases and corridors from cluttering objects. Try not to panic, no matter what happens.

Recently, there have been frequent cases of detection by citizens of suspicious objects that may turn out to be explosive devices. Such items are found in transport, on staircases, near the doors of apartments, in institutions and public places. How to behave when they are detected? What actions to take?

If the detected object should not, in your opinion, be in this place, do not disregard this fact.  If you find a forgotten or abandoned thing in public transport, interview people nearby. Try to establish who she is and who could have left her. If the owner is not installed, immediately report the find to the authority.

Parents! You are responsible for the life and health of your children. Explain to the children that any item found on the street or in the stairwell may be dangerous.personal safety tip

The evacuation message may be received not only in case of detection of an explosive device and liquidation of the consequences of a terrorist act but also in case of fire, natural disaster, etc.  When you receive a message from the authorities or law enforcement authorities about the beginning of the evacuation, be calm and follow their commands clearly.

Once in a crowded room, determine in advance which places are most dangerous when an emergency situation arises, pay attention to emergency exits.  The easiest way to hide from the crowd in the corners of the hall or near the walls, but more difficult to get from there to the exit.  In the event of a panic, try to keep calm and the ability to assess the situation soberly.