dentist day

National Dentist Day

Do you remember the first time you met your dentist? How about the first time you sat on a dental chair imagining how your dentist would make things better? Well, they did make things better for you. It’s about time to say thank you to them and show how much you appreciate them and the work they do for you and for all of us.

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Every year, we are celebrating National Dentist Day to show appreciation to our dentists. It is a day for us to say “Thank you” to them and tell them how awesome they are with what they do.

Then again, when did we start doing this? How exactly are we observing it? Let’s take a quick trip on how it all started.

History of Dentistry

dentistThe oldest evidence where people practiced Dentistry dates back to 700BC. This is the time where dentists help people who were having toothaches and cavities. These early dentists have found many interesting discoveries that have built the foundation of Dentistry as we see it. They used beeswax and flint tools to pick out tooth decay. Well, they also had some technicalities that anyone from this era would find highly unbearable (e.g. decayed tooth extraction without anesthetics). If you think about how they do it before, you might as well stay away from the sweets early on.

How To Celebrate National Dentist Day?

Most of the people visit their Lindfield dentists at Killara Dental clinic at this time of the year while they share their best practices to promote oral hygiene among these clients. This is also the day where ambassadors are requested to raise awareness and create a group effort to encourage people to take care of their teeth.

Now, here is a list we have made to help you be part of this advocate and create a world where having nice teeth is awesome!

  1. Tell your dentist that you have made an effort in making things better for your oral health regimen.
  2. Participating in educational boot camps to raise awareness among people of all ages.
  3. Do a selfie with your dentist, post it on your social media, and thank them for being awesome.
  4. Lastly, smile and show off your dentist’s work to let everyone know how much great of a work they did for you.