things to do in Alaska

Things to Do in Alaska

  • Let’s go fishing

Alaska offers its visitors a lot of things. Among the most popular activities in Alaska is fishing. Home to some of the finest fishing in the world, the waters of Alaska are rich and filled with an abundance of marine life. Anglers find both fresh and marine fishing widely available throughout Alaska. The most common species in the Alaska fisheries are halibut and salmon. Lakes and rivers catch fishers in search of rainbow trout, steelhead and northern pike.

  • Visit Alaska National Parks

In addition to fishing, Alaska is a prevalent state that can be visited in the summer months for those
wishing to explore national parks. The Kenai Fjords and the National Parks of Denia in the southern central part of Alaska are among the most visited in the state. Park services offer many amenities and tour options. Cabins with a remote park can be reserved by those who want to escape from the crowd. Many of these sites are only available on a light plane and very rustic. Supplies must be transported, which requires extensive planning.

  • Pamper yourself at the Eco-Lodge

For those looking for a balance of soft adventure and relaxation, staying at the lodge offers all the
comforts of home often in new conditions. Guests are invited to take the beauty of Alaska at their own pace. Naturalists educate guests on the geology, flora, and fauna of Alaska. E-lodges can range from rustic to luxurious. Those who want to pamper themselves will find spa services, massage therapists, yoga training and wine tasting in high-class establishments.

  • Take a small cruise ship.

Small vessels by definition can accommodate less than 150 passengers; often less than 80 passengers. Small ship cruises do not follow the traditional cruise ship routes. The idea here is to avoid ports where docking is for large ships. Small cruises ship – all about how to attract guests to the environment. Kayaking, sports equipment, and excursion vessels provide guests with an intimate way of interacting with marine life, approaching glaciers, waterfalls and visiting their native villages. Do not expect a show on stage or a casino on a small ship cruise. Instead, you will be entertained by humpback whales, frolicking sea lions and soaring eagles.

  • Trip to the sea highway
alaskan scenery
Enjoy Alaska’s Breathtaking Scenery while you’re at it.

The Alaska ferry system, known as the Alaska Motorway, is an affordable alternative to small cruise ships or private yacht charters. From the southern terminal station in Bellingham, Washington, the sea highway stretches over 3,500 miles to the Dutch Harbor with stops in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, across the inner passage, across the Gulf of Alaska, to the source of Prince William and along the Aleutian chain. The Alaska Motorway is a great way to get to know the communities that inhabit the diverse and picturesque Alaska coastline. With more than 656,000 sq. M. A mile of desert, untouched beauty and abundant wildlife, Alaska outshines most countries! Traveling in Alaska through the ferry system provides many unique opportunities and things.

Unlike the “lower 48”, many Alaskan communities are inaccessible on the road, so the main
means of transportation is air or sea. The Alaska Motorway is the major part of our “highway system” and is such a route that it was designated as “National Scenic Route” and “All American Road,” the only sea route with this designation.

It’s all waiting for you in Alaska. There are many ways to see the great state and so many things that you can see and do.

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