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What is a Skin Tone Color?

Whether you are a fair, medium, or dark, your skin tone color will make you unique and give you an advantage. Maybe, all you need is to know how to take care and enhance it. Solarium and tanning are one of the most popular services at this cosmetic clinic in Perth since many women and men desire to achieve a tanned body to show off.


The Truth about Skin Tone Color

Skin tone has undertones that subtle hue underneath the surface. These undertones can be neutral, cool, or warm-toned. Identifying your skin tone is an advantage to enhance your color, most especially to warm-colored skin. Moreover, the following are the common attributes of having neutral, cool or warm-toned colors.


Neutral skin tones: Usually, a neutral skin tone color has a hard time to determine whether they are warm or cool. The combination of their hair color can be blonde with ashy streaks or brown with warmer tones. Additionally, most people with a neutral skin tone have brown eyes and can change depending on what color they wear.

Cool skin tones: This skin tone color has a bluish undertone. It can also range from very fair to very dark. People with this kind of skin tones can have a hair color that goes from very dark to light blonde.

Warm skin tones: Warm toned skin has a greenish or yellowish undertone. Olive complexions can also fall in this category. People with this type of skin usually have hair color ranges from dark brown to dark blonde.


Consider knowing the different skin tones can help you to understand what color is perfect and what color you should avoid. It is also said that skin tones can change with the season due to sun exposure. However, there are cold places in far North-Eastern Asia and in Alaska who have dark skin and bronze skin shades and dark hair color.

These people are called Inuit people who are living in a cold area, yet far from the usual expectation, they have an exciting bronze skin tone. It is said that Inuit experience very high levels of reflected ultraviolet radiation from the snow. Therefore, their bronze skin protects them from this increased amount of UVA radiation.


What is Bronze Skin Tone?

Many skin tones are unusual and rare. These skin colors only exist in some regions of the world. Bronze skin tone is one of these skin tones. It is a tone of the skin in which there is a brown shading.Rare bronze skin color

The increased amount of melanin provides more pigmentation to the surface, and inevitably, the skin gets browner. This earthly colored shading leads to the bronze appearance of the skin. It is a trademark in various regions, including people in Alaska. Bronze skin tone is incredible in texture and appearance. It is sometimes blended with black skin tone. Yet, there is a distinction in both skin tones.


The distinction between bronze skin tone and black skin tone

Bronze and black skin shades have a little yet clear difference. The bronze skin color has a hint of brown shading in the skin tone and surface. The melanin in bronze skin tone is in a reduced amount.

On the other hand, a black skin tone has a darker hue and surface. This skin tone colors lost the most of their pigmentation. Try not to blend these both colors with any confusion.

Advantages of bronze skin tone

Protection from sunlight

Individuals with dark skin tones and bronze skin colors have less chance to get affected by sunlight. The fair skin gets more intensive impacts from skin. However, bronze skin tones stay free from any potential harm with most of the sunlight exposure. People with bronze skin tone colors can sit in the daylight more time as compared to individuals who are with a lighter skin tone.


Least risk of skin cancer

Bronze skin tones are very resistant to any harm from natural factors and give maximum protection to the surface. It is indeed rare but beneficial in various ways. Individuals with bronze skin tone are much more resistant to any skin diseases, such as skin cancer.

Reduce the risk of signs of wrinkles and aging 

People with bronze skin tone are resistant to lines or wrinkles on their skin. Their skin looks fresher and tight and gives a younger appearance. Individuals with bronze skin colors have fewer symptoms of aging. It is indeed remarkable, as your age grows, people with bronze skin looks more youthful compared to people with lighter skin tones. Nevertheless, bronze skin tone is also fantastic for various bright colors and texture.