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Alaska Airlines Review: America’s Best?

Looking for the best state-to-state travel experience of a lifetime? Well, would it be safe to say that using Alaska Airlines is the best? Many would bestow the name “Best US Airline” to this airfare giant. So, some who haven’t experienced its accommodation, perks, and services would want to know if the clamor is true. Here, we dig deep into the Alaska Airlines review to understand what makes it stand out and become one of the most sought-after airline companies in the US. Let’s talk about its flight schedule, ticketing options down to the travel experience and other services it can offer.


Fly Alaska Airlines: At a Glance

As mentioned earlier, Alaska Airlines frequently gets the Best US Airline vote from different online review outlets like Consumer Affairs, Condé Nast Traveller, TripAdvisor, Kayak, etc. These reviews are from passengers who experienced their customer service, so you can say that these remarks have some weight on them.

Alaska Airlines started its operations in 1932 and has since expanded its commercial flights from traveling routes from in and out of Alaska, now all the way to reaching Mexico, Costa Rica, and Canada airports. It has operational hubs situated in the specific main international airport of cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, and Anchorage, making it reach farther destinations safely and comfortably.

The pandemic hit and affected flights due to domestic and international tourism downsizing. The demand for traveling using a domestic and international airport got involved to the extremes. Still, airline companies still managed to uphold the quality of their services to the best of their abilities. This is to serve their customers as usual. With this mindset, there is no doubt that Alaska Airlines can boast of its outstanding service and very loyal consumer base.


Review of Alaska Airlines’ Services

As a trusted agency that reviews Alaska Airlines and other airline companies that offer flights and route services in our state, we are responsible for giving you transparent and justified results.

Many online surveys and customer ratings agencies have similar criteria when measuring the efficiency and quality of a flight company for either a domestic or international airport. Here are some of the factors that affect the satisfaction of the customers when choosing and boarding premium class and award-winning airlines like Alaska Airlines.

Ticketing Options

There are typically three fare types and classes in any airline flight services – economy, business, and premium class. Alaska Airlines has clear-cut distinctions between each type, making it easier for customers to choose which one would make their travel efficient and comfortable.

first class seatsEconomy, Main Cabin, or Saver types have minor travel perks but are the most affordable. In contrast, the First-class flyers get the best flight and travel amenities, like access to the lounge, seat selection preference, priority when boarding, and other perks. However, the travel cost skyrockets as well. Payment is also made easy as options using cash or credit card also apply.

Promos and Flyer Programs

Alaska Airlines has the Mileage Plan, a program where you earn points depending on the frequency and distance of your travel. You can also earn your ‘miles’ when you shop, eat, and stay in a hotel partnering with them. You can convert these points as discounts in your ticket fare, free conversion from standard to middle class, or business to Executive class, and many others. Use your credit card to buy luxury items and avail of many splurges for your entertainment during your vacation. At the same time, get rewarded through your Mileage Plan!

Baggage Information

Passengers are typically allowed to bring one personal luggage and a piece of carry-on luggage for free. In case you need to bring more than that with you, Alaska Airlines have baggage policies. Customers should follow these rules for their comfort and safety. For instance, the luggage you checked in should not exceed 23 kgs, with up to three bags costing you nothing. But that is if your travel is within Alaska. Overweight or oversized checked baggage fees paid through cash or credit card also apply, but if your luggage is both, the fee you need to pay for will only be charged as one.

Miscellaneous Fees and Add-ons

For your convenience, using your credit card when paying for your availed add-ons cannot be a hassle with Alaska Airlines. Do you need to reserve your tickets by phone? You only need to pay $15 for the transaction. Changing your booking schedule need not be troublesome as well, as long as you are willing to pay reasonable fees for request charges, cancellations, and seat selections. They also offer free benefits to loyal customers bearing MVP Gold memberships.

Need Wi-Fi during your 2 or 3-hour flight? They can also have that for you! Some may need to pay for this through cash or credit card, though. Are you feeling hungry or thirsty? Asking assistance from their flight attendants can never be embarrassing. Onboard food and refreshments delivered straight to your seat are also available for your convenience.

Inflight Amenities

Here are the perks and advantages that you get depending on the fare type that you availed of. Alaska Airlines made sure that you get your money’s worth.

alaska airlines accommodationFirst-class passengers enjoy traveling while lounging on reclining leather seats to make them sleep, read, or watch movies comfortably. The cabin crew can provide you with blankets and hot packs upon request. You can also enjoy complimentary drinks like premium wine, liquor, beer, as well as freshly-prepared meals to your liking onboard. You have a dedicated flight attendant to service and fulfill your comfort needs. They offer all these to make sure that your leisurely enjoy your trip.

Middle -class passengers can also experience almost everything First-class peeps can. This exempts the extravagant meals, plentiful legroom, and exclusive customer care. And last, and well, the least is the main cabin, saver, or economy type where you typically enjoy practical perks like complimentary drinks, available food and snacks (that you need to pay for through cash or credit card though), and comfortable seats, but less legroom and space.


Alaska Airlines Review: Customer Satisfaction and Ratings

Overall, international airport passengers have a lot of love for Alaska Airlines based on the reviews it receives. Customer service is at the heart of this, with Alaska receiving praise for this. They have convenient flights, accommodating cabin crew, safe credit card usage, comfortable seat preference, and proactive customer service team.

Alaska’s loyal customers regularly take to social media to thank the airline for its continuing service and are quick to defend their favorite carrier from comments by critical customers.

However, Alaska Airlines cannot get away with bad reviews. For instance, Alaska’s Saver fare is causing a few issues for some customers who are used to the seat flexibility in changing tickets. But Alaska makes it very clear when purchasing a seat with a Saver ticket that you cannot avail of these changes. This is why we cannot hold it accountable here. If you want to change hearts during the airport flight based on their availability, reviews state that you can opt for Business class tickets instead.

These tickets are some of the most generous basic seats and fares out there, allowing both a personal item and carry-on bags. Plus, you get the opportunity to earn miles (not the case with budget fares for other major U.S. airlines). Alaska customers will probably be raving about the Mileage Plan and savings soon enough!