Why Would A Doctor Order A CT Scan 4 Expectations

Why Would A Doctor Order A CT Scan? (4 Expectations In A CT Scan)

A patient may need a CT scan for several reasons. Mainly, the reason why would a doctor order a CT scan is to diagnose a patient’s problem accurately. However, many people may be confused as to why would a doctor order a CT scan. It is perfect timing to explain the essence of having a computed tomography (CT) scan for people who may be unsure about its practices and guidelines. Moreover, you may also prepare for any upcoming appointments that will require an order of CT scan from your preferred licensed doctor. Read ahead and discover which health illnesses and options you can choose for your radiograph examination test.


What Is A CT Scan?

Computerized tomography or CT scan is a type of radiography for medical imaging. It is a more advanced type of X – ray examination. A CT scan produces cross – sectional images that gets interpreted by a computer program for either 3D visualization or printed on a film. It uses slices of film and imaging for accurate detail on the body parts. The machine will look like a ring with two X ray detectors located at the opposite end. You may be asked to skip a meal, not wear jewelry, metal, or any magnetic items. The radiologist should also be informed of any underlying health conditions such as pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, or other diseases.


Several Body Parts That A CT Scan Can Interpret

Not sure what your home doctor or trusted doctor will check? These are some of the body parts that may undergo a digital X – ray from your nearest hospital. However, there are certain cases that you may just have an MRI or a traditional X – ray depending on your status.

  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Pelvis
  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Ovary
  • Pancreas


Which Health Illnesses Need A CT Scan?

Having a chest x – ray for infectious diseases caused by a severe liver problem can be very risky. Hence, when it comes to the purpose of diagnostic tests in adverse diseases, it is advantageous to know why would a doctor order a CT scan.



Why Would A Doctor Order A CT Scan X Ray

Several chemotherapy sessions may have an X – ray or a CT scan as a precursor for a cancer solution. Before any surgery or medical treatment, cancer patients must undergo these detailed scanners for accuracy in their future sessions. A CT scan also determines the stage of cancer that the patient has. A PET-CT scan (Positron Emission Tomography) will be more beneficial for people with liver or kidney cancers as it does two scans at once.


Bone Fractures

Bones that need detailed and accurate imaging may have to rely on an X – ray that can go beyond the tissue, joints, and blood. Fractures can also be tricky to determine, considering that some ligaments, femurs, or even the pulp of tooth have different nerves and canals that block the images. A fracture must always have the proper scan from a radiologist since the surgery will rely on the pictures ordered by the doctor.


Brain, Spinal Cord Or Central Nervous System Diseases

A person with a central nervous system disorder may also require to get a contrast scan since the brain is harder to analyze with only a traditional X – ray. Is CT scan the only radiographic assessment option? Apart from the traditional X – ray scans that your hospital or clinic may offer, you can have other options for pictures of your organs. MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is another option for your central nervous system.


What Should Patients Expect Before An Assessment?

Why would a doctor order a CT scan? Many patients can get anxious about visiting a doctor to see the results of their chronic or severe health disease. It is essential for both patients and healthcare practitioners to engage with several questions to clarify the procedures of the assessment. X rays are not far from any risks or issues as some patients may have some side effects after the diagnosis. Evidently, the technology of having this advanced X – ray machine also reaches out to the veterinary practice. A pet cat or dog may also undergo a CT scan if there are obvious fractures that require surgery.


The nurse may ask for your health insurance card or provider

Coverage for a chest X – ray or other organs may be provided by your subscribed health insurance company. For this reason, many hospitals will initially ask if you are under a government or a private health insurance company to shoulder the X – ray fee.


Prepare your previous medical records

Medical records in the prior X – rays, MRI scans, or any other health records will help the current medical practitioner to assess your situation. A person with ongoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer must also know the reaction of their body to the contrast material. A medical record can indicate any results of previously finished scans to prevent any complications in the health of the patient.


Dental treatments may only have a CT scan if it involves accidents

Did you lose a tooth or have severe jaw pain due to an accident? It may not be necessary for dental patients to get a CT scan for a minor chip or cracked teeth. But, severe oral and maxillofacial injuries may have an MRI or a digital X ray like CT scans.


Expect to have a fast assessment with results that won’t last for days

Why Would A Doctor Order A CT Scan

Since CT scans are state of the art technology for medical digital images, it benefits both the patients and the doctors. Results will be fast, and symptoms can be managed at an earlier time thanks to digital X rays like CT scans. Pregnancy for women has an ultrasound which will give the status of the unborn baby.


Are There Health Risks With CT Scan?

Pregnant women may need precautions, especially with any radiographs that emit toxic radiation. In this case, the doctor will need to inquire their patients for any underlying medical conditions such as pregnancy, HIV/AIDs, or other delicate health conditions. However, the levels of radiation in a CT scan is incomparable to that of traditional X – rays. Many clinics may require larger doses of materials for the film, especially for wide MRI or CT scanning machines. Nevertheless, patients must get safety guidelines before having the crucial assessment. Don’t skip your body CT scan just because of this information. Know the limits of radiation exposure by talking to your healthcare professional before the start of the procedure. You can also call a home doctor to get checked if you can’t make it to the clinic.