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Recent Triple Negative Breast Cancer News

Breast cancer is a wrong diagnosis, sometimes frightening at any given time, but the triple negative diagnosis of breast cancer is particularly problematic. In general, this cancer is defined in the context of a receptor that detects specific genes. Three receptors are estrogen, progesterone, and two heads.

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The type of receptor determines the type of medication prescribed for the best cancer treatment for the patient. But if the diagnosis becomes negative for all three recipients, the medical response is more complicated. If you’re not there, how can you attack a given receiver? The receptors help multiply the cancer cells and resolve them; A specific drug is needed.

But not all is bad news because there are other medicines that you can still work with. Finding the right medication is a difficult task, but when it is found, it can be a success, which is beneficial compared to those who use standard answers. It was found that chemotherapy works successfully in triple negative patients with breast cancer, and the best current drug has become a combination of drugs. Because triple-negative breast cancer is the relative discovery by doctors, so a specific medication has not been announced. One of the lines of treatment is the use of chemotherapy drugs that are not commonly used in the early stages of breast cancer therapy.

breastThere are some characteristics in triple negative cancer. Cancer is aggressive; It is more common in young people than in older women. Currently, clinical trials are organized with the participation of three patients with negative cancer. The future always expects the best results. It should be understood that the tests are not carried out for several weeks or months, but for years. An ongoing process is underway for six years. Recent of triple negative breast cancer news studies show that approximately 15% of all identified breast cancers have three times more negative breast cancers. Typically, high levels of triple-negative breast cancer are secondary or metastatic disease, and in many cases, there is an additional tumor in the brain.

There are several unpleasant aspects of the triple adverse cancer scenario: its high frequency, resistance to standard chemotherapy drugs, its invasive nature and the potential of metastatic cancer. But cancer doctors around the world are making concerted efforts to learn more about this particular type of breast cancer. Diagnostic tests are ongoing, results are shared, and progress is continuous. Women who have been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer should participate particularly in the online support group because it allows many people to learn a lot. Listening to those you are experiencing can be a real and stimulating stimulus for your mood.