Dental Network of America

To deliver the very best one must be willing to work at the team. For more than twenty years the Dental Network of America (DNA) has been inclined to deliver the very best to all the people living in America.

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They have ensured that the accessibility of your dental care is just steps away from you. The DNA ensures that all the dentists within the group have the tools that take dental care to the next level.

Supporting dental care for all those years, they have changed the face of dental care.

Dentist and practices within the DNA have accepted to pay a specific fee schedule for treatment of their registered members.

The platform gives the dentist an opportunity to make more than what they stand to make by linking them directly to their network which is supplied by some lucrative members, who keep the system up and running.

At the end of the day with the team, the question is, are you satisfied?

With the kind of technology, with each dentist skills at work, they are simply unstoppable.


From the network comes its advantages that are so overwhelming to the dentist out there. Dental Network of America provides responsive customer service.

All the customers receive the best treatment regarding the response. They show they care. It’s fast and easy to access credentials, verify the patient’s eligibility and benefits and look up for specific procedure codes when dealing with patients. One can also view the member’s history.

Wellness program provides accessing members within the network interactive web tools for all the users making use of reports presented.


For all the dentist in American who have not accessed the program or have no understanding of a DNA, take your experience to the next level by joining, and you will never regret it.