hiv awareness

Volunteer in HIV and AIDS Awareness

Voluntarily enroll in an HIV education program and dedicate your spare time to play a key role in global efforts to end the AIDS epidemic. Although HIV transmission can be prevented, millions of people are infected each year; in 2008 alone, there were 2.7 million new HIV infections.

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HIV is the most common sexual intercourse and almost twice as much in older women than in men. On the positive side, recent studies have shown that HIV-positive statistics have improved. This is due to promising behaviors that help slow the spread of HIV, including increased use of condoms, delayed sexual appearance, and fewer sexual partners.

hivEducation through local staff volunteers and volunteers to spread HIV / AIDS provides people with the skills and knowledge to avoid or reduce behaviors that involve the risk of HIV infection.

When you become a volunteer in HIV / AIDS, be sure to continue this training. HIV testing centers are voluntary, where anyone can get free HIV testing and tips.

However, since these services are free, the centers have a large number of patients and do not have enough staff to accommodate them. Volunteers are deployed here to assist staff in administrative work, awareness, and education about AIDS.

Patients who have been positively tested for HIV / AIDS are often destroyed and can be avoided by their families and communities. Because of the lack of medical and advisory staff, there is an urgent need for volunteers to help with this difficult task.

Volunteers in HIV awareness programs will accompany social workers to work, especially in schools, pharmacies, and markets, in addition to occasional home visits. This project aims to provide accurate information on HIV / AIDS and to encourage people to test the virus and link it to available centers so that they can be treated.

Sales representatives visit different clinics every day and disseminate information on HIV / AIDS. HIV awareness project volunteers will work with health professionals and other volunteers to educate communities about the importance of disease prevention and HIV / AIDS awareness. They will assist in all aspects of HIV and AIDS education.