tooth sensitivity to cold after filling

Tooth sensitivity to cold after filling: Is it normal for teeth to be sensitive?

If you had just undergone a dental treatment, you may be more prone to tooth sensitivity to cold after filling. This article will talk about how you can manage sensitivity and when you should worry about it. After reading this article, you can check out this link that talks about tooth sensitivity to cold and hot beverages.

Is tooth sensitivity to cold after a filling considered normal?

Yes, this type of pain following a tooth filling procedure is fairly normal. Many patients complain of sensitivity to both hot and cold beverages after they have a filling put in. However, the pain or discomfort you should feel should only be mild, and it should only be limited to the instances when you are exposed to beverages of food that have extreme temperatures.tooth sensitivity to cold after filling

This side-effect of tooth filling operations should only last for a few weeks, at the most. There are other reasons why you may be feeling pain or discomfort in the tooth that had a filling. The pain may be caused by a loose filling, an allergic reaction to the fillings or cracked fillings. In any case, if you experience pain that you feel is not caused by tooth sensitivity, or if your tooth sensitivity does not resolve itself within a few weeks, it is a good idea to visit your dentist.

Why are tooth fillings needed?

Tooth fillings are the most common way to treat cavities and stop them in their tracks. Cavities can become larger over time, and they can develop into more serious oral issues such as tooth decay. Getting tooth fillings are the quickest and easiest way for dentists to fix the holes in teeth caused by cavities.

Cavities can also cause pain in the tooth. It can be very bothersome for people and can make concentrating on mundane tasks very difficult. To stop the pain from cavities, tooth fillings do the trick quite well. Although a patient may suffer from tooth sensitivity to cold after filling the tooth in, the mild discomfort will be worth it because the main problem of the tooth will be solved.

Seeking relief for tooth sensitivity

If you experience tooth sensitivity to hot or cold after getting a filling, there are methods to lessen your discomfort.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth. There are special kinds of toothpaste being sold in drugstores and your local supermarkets that can help you deal with the discomfort of tooth sensitivity. These kinds of toothpaste are specially designed to help protect your teeth from possible sensitivity after a tooth filling.

Avoid sensitivity triggers. If you already know which foods or beverages make your teeth sensitive, it is a good idea to avoid these triggers while your teeth are still sensitive. If you cannot resist having a hot or cold beverage, using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth will help.

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity to cold after filling treatment, do not worry. The pain you feel should subside as time goes by. In a few weeks, you should no longer feel any pain. Ask your dentist for advice if you need pain killers, and if your sensitivity lasts for more than a few weeks after the procedure.