Pros And Cons Of Breastfeeding

Women have different reason whether or not to breastfeed newborns. Below we present some of the pros and cons of breastfeeding. If you are looking for more breast related topics visit this website.

Breastfeeding Pros

Breast milk is the healthiest food for your child.

Due to natural elements in the milk, the baby is protected from disease during infancy and growth and development phase

Breastfeeding is a worthy mother’s health

Nursing mothers recover from childbirth earlier than who don’t breastfeed. It reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Breast milk has good taste. Making child feed happily.

Easy to digest breast milk. It’s easier to understand that formula and help in preventing colic and gas.

Breastfeeding is appropriate. There is optimal nutrition at the recommendable temperatures.

It’s economic and affordable. Nursing does not need to buy anything, therefore, saving thousands of dollars.

Breastfeeding is comforting relaxing. A sick child is easily consoled by breastfeeding. Mother’s body at the same time releases Oxytocin hormone promoting relaxation.

Night feedings are more comfortable and faster. No making warm bottles in the night.

Breastfeeding can avert pregnancy for six months.

Breastfeeding Cons

Lowers Estrogen and Sexual Desire. Nursing cuts the levels of Estrogen production in a mother’s body. Its reduction reduces their interest in sexual activities.

Nursing mothers are limited to Hormonal Birth Control. Lactating mothers can’t use hormonal birth control methods since estrogen-comprising birth control lowers level of milk, newborns ingesting hormones and milk quality affected.

Dangerous in Cigarettes Smoke Exposure. Lactating mothers bore to smoke usually breastfeed for shorter periods than ones living a smokeless life. Diseases and weakened immune systems are highly associated with cigarette smoking.

Causes Breast and Nipple Pain. Breasts tenderize and sore during breastfeeding is painful. Babies also favor one breast over the other generating more milk and a noticeable difference in breasts size.

Pros And Cons Of BreastfeedingLimitations of Diets. Mothers on some medications are not allowed to breastfeed to avoid passing the medicines through milk to the child. Nursing mothers need to sidestep spicy meals as well.

Reduces Mothers’ Freedom. Breastfeeding is regularly done. Therefore, mothers must be available for feeding making it hard for them to go on with their jobs

It’s difficult to measure the amount of milk the baby is taking. Mothers don’t know how much milk the baby is drinking, therefore causing stress on the mother and baby.

The benefits and drawbacks should be measured before coming to the choice. Having a perfect feeding strategy for nursing mothers is crucial.