extreme cold jacket

Picking the Right Jacket for Extreme Cold

When the weather will get cold, and the temperature will drop below the freezing point, an extreme cold jacket would be a necessity. Extreme cold can cause backaches, read more on how to prevent this.


Picking the right extreme cold jacket

A good jacket will help you withstand not only the severe cold but also rain, snow, and rain. It should have certain qualities that will help you feel comfortable in extreme types of weather. Here is a short buying guide to choosing the right jacket.


Insulation. The jacket you choose should provide good insulation so that you will continue to stay warm even when you are standing still. Down is a popular insulator that has been a long-time favorite of manufacturers. However, down does not fare well in wet conditions, that’s why if you buy a jacket that uses down for its insulation, make sure that it also has a waterproofing layer to keep the down safe from rain.


Waterproof. You should be able to wear this jacket out in any type of weather. It should be waterproof so that you can wear it out in the rain and snow as well. 


Breathable. The material used should also be breathable so that just the right amount of heat and warmth would be trapped inside as you would be in motion as well.


extreme cold jacketAppearance. This is one of the concerns that are not so important because the priority is for the jacket to protect you from the extreme weather. However, you will want to get a jacket that would look good on casual occasions. Some long coats would look good with both casual and formal wear. 


Hooded or not? It would be your choice to get a jacket with a hood or not, and a jacket with or without a hood can look good with both casual and formal wear. Some jackets would have a removable hood, this would enable you to customize the look of the jacket depending on what type of outfit you are wearing. 

However, it is a good idea to get a jacket with a hood. It will provide extra protection from extreme weather as well as added warmth. 


Closures. This is where style and functionality will be at odds. Consider what type of closure the jacket has; would you prefer a zipper or buttons? One might work better for functionality and the other for stylishness. However, having a jacket that does close is the key. Also, consider what the cuffs of the jacket look like. If they are too wide, they stand to let in cold drafts.



If you are looking for a quality extreme cold jacket that can suit any type of weather and outfit, just follow the buying guide to know the considerations of buying a good jacket. As winter draws near, it would be handy to have a jacket that you can wear in any type of weather to prevent sickness and protection from the extreme cold.