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To Know About Male Liposuction

Male liposuction is one of the most popular techniques used for shedding pounds. Even though many cosmetic changes are geared towards females, thousands of men seek liposuction treatment. In fact, during 2003 approximately 16,000 males went through liposuction. This statistic represents about sixteen percent of liposuction surgeries performed during that year. In today’s society, liposuction is by far the most popular type of cosmetic surgery. The cost of this procedure is, in fact, greater than the cost of female liposuction. There are a variety of factors that determine the total cost of the procedure.

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Before a male can go through a liposuction procedure, they need to identify which body parts will be treated. The main factors that determine the price of the process include the weight and size of the patient, the time and effort needed from the surgeon, the additional price of the anesthesiologist’s service, the operating room charge, laboratory fees, and other expenses for materials used during the surgery. Typically, some clinics may reduce the rate charged per area of the body if more than a single body area is being treated. The longer time the treatment takes, the more the male may be charged. However rates are adjusted accordingly for males that are not overweight versus males that weigh greater than their recommended body weight.

male liposuctionMale liposuction prices may vary according to a region and you should be sure to ask about fees and costs, as well as additional charges. A male receiving liposuction is not only paying for the surgery but also tests, garments, anesthesiologists’ time, operating room time and other charges. Prices range greatly from $1,500 to $4,500 for treatment on the buttocks. In fact, liposuction on the abdomen can be as high as $7,500. Patients attempting to go through the process must be sure of the cost so that when the bill comes in they are not surprised.

The usual male candidate for the surgery is ironically not overweight but of average weight. This patient has firm skin but wants to get rid of pockets of unpleasant fat. When the patient is well aware of the risks of the procedure and they still want to go through with it, then they are ready for surgery. Basically, during the procedure, the undesired pockets of fat are drawn out of the body.

The male liposuction procedure does have risks and rewards and the patient should be well of aware of them. While the prices are in the thousands, statistics have shown that many males have gone through this surgical process to eliminate unwanted pockets of fat and feel confident about their appearance.