4 Examples Of Dental Trauma Impact Mouthguards Can Prevent

4 Examples Of Dental Trauma Impact Mouthguards Can Prevent

When it comes to rough activities, you can’t just go out there without protection. Many people engage in kayaking, mountain climbing, football, and basketball. Sports injuries are making its way as one of the top causes for a dental health problem; more options are available nowadays. Dentists have come up with restorative treatments that may help athletes avoid complications in their dental health. Dental appliances such as those that reduce impact mouthguards are the best option. This kind of treatment is available worldwide, and everyone can get consultation for this oral health care. Then, if you’re in Australia, you can contact Mobile Mouthguards in Sydney today so that you can get your teeth restored fast.

4 Types of Dental Trauma

Infliction on the mouth is not a common issue for patients, but many cases can say otherwise. A person’s teeth are so sensitive that any impact can make a person’s mouth and gums bleed. If you’re an athlete and you’re worrying about your teeth’s health, you should get a mouthguard soon. Anyone can have mouthguards, from children to the elderly. As long as you visit a professional dental clinic, your dentist can give you the best fit for you.

Oral Fracture

One of the worst-case scenarios for injuries can involve a fracture of either the jaw or the tooth. Many accidents can also cause these injuries that may include emergency operation. Oral fracture on the tooth can cause significant teeth loss. For a person’s jaw, it may have severe problems such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder as well.

Displaced Tooth

A displaced tooth may look like it’s about to come out but stuck in a person’s gum. Most permanent teeth can affect the root and nerves of gum quite painfully. Most people that get wisdom tooth extraction also comments that most wisdom teeth are displaced. These displaced teeth can move sideways, forward, or more rooted in the gums.


Some dental injuries do not even involve the tooth moving. However, the damage happens underneath the tooth or gums itself. For dental concussions, bleeding around the gingiva may inflame the tooth’s supporting structures. A radiograph examination is needed to know the intensity of the impact.


With the many injuries that sports can do, many organizations are giving out guidelines for surgeons and dentists to cure them. Luxation, for example, has many types of outcomes after the impact or trauma. Tooth luxation is similar to the displaced tooth but is usually near the mouth or tongue or can protrude.

How Are Dental Impact Mouthguards Different From Others?

What kind of dental appliances are you aware of? Some of the popular orthodontic treatments that patients get are dentures, veneers,Impact Mouthguards Dental Examination retainers, and braces. These are mostly restorative surgeries to align or fix crooked teeth. Mouthguards are somewhat separate from this category, knowing that mouthguards protect the person’s teeth like a shield. To prevent the harmful effects of dental impact, mouthguards can support a person’s teeth since they are custom-fit for the individual. Furthermore, some mouthguards are not just for dental traumas. Many researchers in the dental industry are using this dental appliance to whiten teeth. Some even use mouthguards for fixing sleep apnea or breathing problems.

What Is The Future Of Dental Mouthguards?

Since you already know that dental impact mouthguards are one of the common dental appliances, there is yet to discover in the world of dentistry. Many that engage in digital dentistry can use 3D printing along with programs to simulate the production of a mouthguard. Furthermore, mouthguards may have prescription medicine or teeth whitening injected on it. You should know that dentistry is continually evolving for a more efficient yet better way of curing a person’s dental problem.