How To Sleep With A Stuffy Nose Breathing Easily

How To Sleep With A Stuffy Nose: Life Hacks For Colds

It’s that time of the year again. The summer season is out and winter is nearing. With the sudden changes in temperature as the holiday season is nearing, you’re sure to have a stuffy nose in winter again. Is this a common recurring issue for you? Then, you should know how to prepare how to sleep with a stuffy nose. Surely, sleeping at night with these discomforts may not set you in the mood for this cold season again. Help yourself with home remedies that we have for you. Of course, if you feel that these tips are not helping, we also recommend that you get a doctor’s diagnosis.

Why A Nose Becomes Stuffy

Aside from the sudden drop in temperature and change in weather, there are also other causes of a stuffy nose. A common cold due to virus infection is a leading cause of a clogged nose. Other reasons also point to irritants in the air such as pollution, allergens, and even smoke from tobacco. These irritants may affect the breathing ways of our nose since the immune system reacts to blocking these irritants. The mucus on our noses acts as a shield to eliminate further problems of the virus. Inevitably, our nose becomes too runny or stuffy. It is a big problem on how to sleep with a stuffy nose. If in any case you are getting a stuffy nose too often and is not treatable by any medicine, seek further help from your ENT (Eyes, Nose, Throat) doctor near you.

Sleep Better With These Hacks

Not feeling well with your stuffy nose? Don’t have the time to go to a doctor yet? Well, you need to do these basic remedies for you to feel a lot better at home. If you sneeze too often and that runny nose is not going anywhere, then the best advice for you is to really get an opinion from your trusted physician.

Take a Hot Shower Before Sleeping

This cold temperature affects your body’s condition especially your breathing passageways. To decrease the obstruction, take a hot shower to release the mucus building up on your stuffy nose.

Do General Cleaning Often

Cleaning your room will eliminate dust, pollution, and animal hair that are irritants. Before sleeping at night, make sure that you have also puffed your pillows and change your sheets often.

Add A Humidifier To Your RoomHow To Sleep With A Stuffy Nose Life Add Humidifier To Room

A humidifier is really useful to add moisture to your room. Sometimes, we tend to make our thermostat higher just to get that desired temperature on cold days. However, it makes it harder to breathe since it removes the moisture that we need.

When It Recurs Too Often

A stuffy nose is sometimes a non-serious medical condition that a person can have. Nevertheless, it is important for a person to still know if there is an underlying medical condition on a recurring stuffy nose. It’s not just a concern of how to sleep with a stuffy nose at night anymore. There are some people with defects such as a deviated septum or nose tumors. In the same way, serious medical conditions such as chronic Sinusitis is also possible with this problem. If you see a constant problem of your stuffy nose for more than three months, look for medical healthcare professional to diagnose you. Ask your doctor about the possible treatments for this health concern.