how to calm inflamed skin on face

Skin rashes and what to do: how to calm inflamed skin on face

As the weather gets colder, more people are getting concerned about how to calm inflamed skin on the face. There are many causes and solutions for irritated facial akin, this article will focus on how to relive this. Irritated skin can sometimes leave scarring, these dentists near Liverpool doubt it and suggest skin microneedling, you can read more on their suggestion here.


What causes skin irritation to the face?

Many factors can affect how a person gets skin irritation to the face. They affect the skin’s ability to lock in moisture, making the skin vulnerable to cracking, inflammation, and dryness.


Cold temperatures. Temperatures can affect your skin. If the temperature is too cold, and it is windy, it can easily remove the moisture of your skin. This causes your skin to lose its natural oils.


Taking showers that are too hot. The same effect can happen if you turn up the heat too much as you are taking a shower. It can strip your skin of the moisture that is supposed to be locked inside to keep it healthy.


Allergies. If allergies are present, they can also affect the skin and make it irritated, puffy and red.


Viral or bacterial infection. Bacterial infections cause the skin to also become dried out and irritated if the bacteria are attacking the cells in the outer layer on the skin.


Skin conditions. Certain skin conditions such as psoriasis can cause the skin to dry out.


Stress and fatigue. If you are stressed or tired, it can also take its toll on your skin as well.


How to calm inflamed skin on face

Use moisturizers. Using a good moisturizer cream can prevent your skin from drying out, even when you are out in the cold. It can also replenish any moisture that had been lost on your to calm inflamed skin on face


Oatmeal soap. Using a soap that has oatmeal in it may also help relieve your irritated skin. Taking a bath with ground oats may also have a similar effect.


Topical cortisone cream. If the skin on your face is irritated because of an allergic reaction, a topical cream will help relieve the irritation and itch.


Antihistamine. If creams do not do the trick, you can take antihistamines. These will cure the allergy and also get rid of the irritation and inflammation on your skin.


Prevention methods

There are many ways to prevent the skin from getting irritated. Try these prevention techniques to avoid having to get any treatment for your skin.


Wear a face mask. Wearing a face mask to prevent your skin from drying out in the cold and developing a rash is a good way to prevent any skin irritation from happening. 


Make sure your skin is always moisturized. It is always easier for dry skin to get broken and have rashes and inflammation develop on it. Keeping your skin moisturized will protect it from any of those skin issues as well as keep it looking young and soft.

If you suffer from skin irritation on your face, try these remedies first. If they do not work, see your dermatologist. They will be able to tell you what type of treatment will work best on how to calm inflamed skin on face. Visit a cosmetic clinic or a medical center if you still experience symptoms.