How Much Does An Orthodontist Make In Alaska

How Much Does An Orthodontist Make In Alaska

When thinking about career choices and the possible salaries each career has to offer. An Orthodontist is an exciting career that offers amazing wage as well. The big question is how much does an Orthodontist make in Alaska?

Among the states in the U.S is Alaska, which is rich in diversity and sparsely populated which interesting careers that offer amazing salaries. Orthodontist’s salary in Alaska varies depending on the type of job. A dental assistant should receive a salary of about $36,260, dental hygienists $71,970 and pharmacists $118,470. Which career you have in mind?

Orthodontists have their salaries varying based on their location and the intensity of their jobs. According to the recent update on October 31, 2018, the wages of an orthodontist ranges between $125,158 and $184,721 annually.

OrthodontistThings to consider

There are various elements which are considered when it comes to salary. Some of the features include the level of education, the years of experience and not forgetting the type of job. They are measured in term of hourly income and yearly income.


The average annual base salary, of an orthodontist, differs depending on location. Based on the recent update on pay done on October 31, 2018, an orthodontist in Adak, Ak earns $ 152,741, Akiachak, AK earns 152,741, and many more locations share the same salary. Different areas that have different earnings as well, e.g. Ambler, AK $ 151,516, Allakaket, AK and Anaktuvu Pass, AK.


Compared to New York, which has the highest hourly wage of $149.95 and an annual salary of $311,889. Alaska comes as the ninth state with an hourly wage of $137.50 and a yearly salary of $286,000. The difference is due to the difference in population and work intensity.

If you are looking for a dentist job in Alaska, chose the best location that favors your wallet. You can start up small or land on a dime.