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How digital dental work is shaping dentistry

As the technological world advances, digital dental work is becoming less science fiction and more of a reality. Dental practices are benefitting from the reduced time it takes to get procedures done as well as the improved quality of the services they can offer to patients. Read more to get more information on dental technology innovations.


Luckily for patients everywhere, many new technologies are being made available to make dental appointments a lot quicker, less painful and better in quality than ever before. Many patients have complained since time immemorial that trips to the dentist took long and were uncomfortable. This is one reason why many people neglect their oral health, even if it is an important factor to overall health. These innovations in technology were made for those patients so that nobody would ever think about skipping their dental appointment again.


Exciting digital innovations in dentistry

digital dental3d printing. New technologies such as CAD machines are increasing in popularity in dental offices to produce more accurate versions of resin, porcelain, and metal dental prosthetics. This innovation can cut dental appointment schedules in half, and increase the productivity of the dentist as well.


Lasers for surgical procedures. Newly emerging tools that use lasers are now being used to remove tooth decay and also in various surgical procedures. These tools would be less invasive and require less of the tooth to be removed for the treatment.


Computer-aided dentistry. There are new digital imaging solutions that are now taking the place of traditional x-ray systems. These digital radiology systems would save time by automatically sending the results to a computer, and by providing better images. Also, computer-aided systems are now cutting the waiting time for dentures to be made. In a fraction of the time, a patient can be able to get their new teeth, increasing patient satisfaction and also the productivity of the practice.


Augmented reality. This term has probably only been used in the world of computer gaming, but it is now becoming an emerging trend in dental schools. Augmented reality provides dental students the chance to practice and work on “live” cases, without the risk of making any grave mistakes on real patients.


Smart toothbrushes. If there are smartphones, smartwatches and smart TV’s now, of course, there should be smart toothbrushes! These toothbrushes would analyze the way a person brushes their teeth and make sure that they would be doing it correctly. The brushes are also designed for children. Children must learn the proper brushing technique, and a smart toothbrush can teach them how by way of games, activities and apps that would make brushing become an activity to look forward to!


The future of dentistry is in digital technology

Technology keeps on updating, upgrading and making the world a faster, more convenient and more exceptional. With each technological innovation in the digital dental industry trying to outdo the last, it will be difficult to say where the future of dentistry will stop. All we can do is to take a moment to appreciate how far dentistry has come.