difference between dental hygienist and dentist

What is the difference between dental hygienist and dentist?

Many get confused and Google “difference between dental hygienist and dentist”. This article is meant to educate about what kind of work each specialist does. For all your dental needs, you can visit the team at Scott Street Dental near Moorebank.

Dental specialists

Many people do not realize that when they go in for a dental appointment, there is a small team that runs the dental practice, and each member of the team has different responsibilities that all contribute to the success of all dental treatments performed in the clinic.

Difference between dental hygienist and dentist

Both a dentist and a dental hygienist have the main goal of overall teeth and gum health in mind. However, each type of specialist would have a different job in making sure that the goal is reached.

Responsibilities of a dental hygienistdifference between dental hygienist and dentist

The job of cleaning teeth falls under the responsibilities of the dental hygienist. They will be in charge of cleaning teeth and making sure that the teeth and gums are healthy. They can also advise as to how you can reach the best quality of oral health, as well as advise the best ways for maintaining good oral health. Their job includes applying fluoride treatments and sealants to make sure teeth are protected. These specialists would also be in charge of creating dental plans and recognizing early signs of oral health issues. If any are detected, dental hygienists work together with dentists to get rid of the oral health problem.

Responsibilities of a dentist.

If the dental hygienist’s job is to clean teeth, the dentist’s responsibility to examine patients’ mouths and diagnose and treat any oral issues that may be present. They will be in charge of administering treatments to get rid of tooth decay, treatments to repair teeth and other types of reparative and restorative treatment. They also administer the anesthesia for the dental procedures and prescribe any medications that are needed for a patient during recovery.

What is the difference?

Although both have a similar goal – to make sure the overall oral health of patients, the difference between a dentist and a dental hygienist will lie in the responsibilities they have to reach this goal. They work hand-in-hand and help each other. In one dental practice, there is usually a dentist and dental hygienist who will both check the patient and help them maintain good oral health. 

Are there any related careers?

If you are considering becoming a dental hygienist, you may also consider becoming a registered nurse. A registered nurse may also opt to become a dental hygienist because the scope of knowledge that a dental hygienist needs is within what a nurse has already been trained to do.

There are many careers available if you want to join a dental team. Talk to your dentist today, pr at least the receptionist at your dentist’s office. If you are considering a job in the field of dentistry, they can point you in the right direction for you to get started.