dental health lesson plans for preschool kids

Dental Health Lesson Plans for Preschool Children

Good dental practices begin by setting a strong foundation. This implies that taking your child to study some lessons on oral health will improve how they think about their oral health. So whenever you are planning to offer some lessons for your kid, you can be guided by to effective dental health lesson plans for preschool kids or you can create your own. This perhaps will save you from having to spend much of the family resources in the feature while trying to cover for their dental treatment cost.

Lessons and Different Activities on Dental Health

  • In your lesson plan, include topics on dental hygiene. Lessons on what food to eat and avoid to have healthy teeth and how cavities are developed. Also, the role of dentists and the benefits of a regular visit to a dental clinic are informative topics for the toddlers.
  • You can read great stories with the characters who love tooth brushing,like Brush Your Teeth Please [Reader’s Digest, 1993]. This is a pop-up book which children will surely enjoy.
  • You can visit the website of Colgate to receive free kits on dental health for the children under your care. The kit includes curriculum ideas, handouts, dental activities, and teaching aids.
  • Set up a good puppet show which demonstrates a good dental habit. You may also put dental items in the show for the children to “play dentist”. Dental items could be a toothbrush, white smocks, dental mirrors, etc.

dental health lesson plans for preschool kids

These dental health lessons would encourage healthy dental habits in children to help prevent tooth decay. Do not expect that they can already clean sufficiently their teeth. They can brush unsupervised when they are around six or seven years old. Therefore after every time, they practice tooth brushing, you brush them thoroughly as a follow-up, as well. With this, they develop independence while learning a good dental habit.