dry eyes in winter

Dealing with dry eyes in winter season

Even as winter is marked with cooler climates and dry air, it has more negative effects on the body than what’s expected. Dry eyes in winter are one of the most received complaints hence, the need to handle it in the right way. The drying eye effects can be experienced both indoors and outside during the winter season. If you don’t have the right understanding of the dry eye condition and leave it untreated, it might turn severe and may lead to eye inflammation, abrasion of the corneal surface, corneal ulcer and vision problems. Thankfully, the Eye Laser Specialists team in Melbourne use the latest technologies to mend these types of eye problems. But, you shouldn’t wait for such complications to occur. Here are more facts about having dry eyes in winter that you need to be aware of.

During winter, in order to achieve a warm condition in the house, a lot of indoor heating happen which is a great contributor to dry eyes in winter. The condition is marked with a lot of tears which may make it close to impossible for the eye to produce the required amount of water. Those with the chronic dry eyes are more disadvantaged during winter since the negative effect is likely to be more on them. With this condition, the victim is likely to experience discomfort on the eye due to irritation and the dryness that occurs around the eye. It can be difficult to resist the itching nature that the dry eyes may have. Most victims make the condition worse by either scratching or rubbing their eyes. dry eyes in winter

What causes the drying eye effect during the winter?

The winter climate is likely to be harsh especially to the eye. The dry cool wind reduces the natural moisture that the eye produces for its natural functionality. When symptoms relating to the drying effect of the eye are noticed, they must be reported at the right time to minimize their effects.

To achieve good sight and avoid blurred vision always make sure the symptoms are treated and completely eliminated. Working closely with your doctor will give you choice and control on other supplements and alternatives ways to keep your eyes moisture during winter. Some of the ways that are used to reduce the drying effect of the eye include, taking a lot of fluids and eye protector among others.