dental lab equipment

Common Dental Lab Equipment

Proper dental lab equipment selection is very important to ensure quality service provision to your clients. Remember happy patients will always come back for your services. The many dental operations in the dental lab call for reliable dental equipment. You can get high quality dental equipment from Critical Dental at a very reasonable cost.

Some of these requirements are common in almost all dental labs while others are custom made for specific tasks requested by some clients, especially for smile enhancements. Some of these common dental lab equipment includes;

Teeth cleaning unit
The cleaning unit is designed to trap any tooth plaque before a dental treatment is done. This may include removal of food debris for the dentist to see clearly the problem cause in the tooth.

Dental handpieces
This is an equipment that is used to shape the tooth into the shape required in case of an artificial tooth implant The rotating head electric spikes can grind and form a dental prosthesis that brings it closer to something that may be in the patient’s mouth. These tools can reduce the size of the tooth, give it a distinctive shape and with a good point characteristic. dental lab equipment

Abrasive Blaster
When the crown or other denture leaves the oven, adjacent castings will still be rectified so that the teeth can take the shape of the jaws. Teeth formation usually occurs with thicker material formation. This equipment is also very essential for tooth extraction from the jaws as it blows pieces of the prosthesis out of the jaw.

Dental lathe
A rotary dental lathe may have a similar appearance to a bench grinder, but it is for dental work. Fast rotor rollers grind the teeth especially the artificial which in turn makes them shine thus makes you feel just like you have the naturally white teeth
It is polishing equipment done at the last stages of new teeth implants

Dental imprints and castings
They help the dentist to know the details of the patient’s bite such as lip edges, dental formulas, teeth shapes, mouth size, and other specific information about the patient.