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What Is A Cheaper Alternative To Invisalign?

Invisalign is the pioneer in invisible orthodontics, and the name is being recognized as the best orthodontic procedure all over the world. The brand is like the gold-standard of premium dental aligners, but with its popularity and widespread fame as an effective teeth-straightening procedure, its cost also stirs in a conversation. So, instinctively, people begin to find a cheaper alternative to Invisalign. Products like WonderSmile, a clear braces company in Australia, began to take fame as one of the contenders to replace expensive Invisalign. Let us find out more options that you can choose from.



Cost: $2400 to $2750

alternative to invisalignWonderSmile is an Australian brand of invisible aligners that are made similarly with Invisalign. Their difference lies in the fact that WonderSmile delivers the dental aligners to your doorstep as a complete set, whereas Invisalign gets customized even during the treatment period via your dentist’s monitoring and assessment.


Clear Correct

Cost: $2500 to $3500

This Invisalign alternative uses the same material but made thinner. They are proudly US-made, are sturdy like their counterparts, and even more invisible because of their thin structure. However, more dentists and orthodontists are sticking with Invisalign because as Clear Correct aligners are thinner, they are more fragile and cannot handle the pressure normally presented in orthodontic adjustments.


Smile Direct Club

Cost: $1900 to $2500

This US-headquartered DIY (do-it-yourself) teeth straightening option literally lets you take in charge of your treatment. The patient would either go to Smile Direct Club’s clinic and get a scan or they would send an impression kit to the patient and allow them to send a 3D scan of their dental cavity. The orthodontist then makes a treatment plan based on the 3D scan and the aligners produced following that plan will be sent to you completely with additional teeth whitening kits to complete the transformation. This sounds ideal and convenient, but because almost all the steps are not supervised by a professional, the whole procedure is a bit unreliable. Moreover, once a problem arises during the treatment period, it is difficult to be addressed since almost all the steps are remotely managed.


These are just some of the options you can choose to replace the expensive Invisalign. Though they are considerably more affordable than the leading clear aligners, their efficiency and quality may or may not be as good. You can discuss your concerns with your dentist or orthodontist so he can professionally advise you on which orthodontic treatment suits your needs perfectly.

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