a woman with decay in her front teeth

Cavity On The Front Tooth: What Treatment Is Applicable To Address It?

Cavity on the front tooth is not an exemption to what dentistry can treat. Nowadays, there are so many dental procedures available for fixing cavities. A dental consultation will help to identify which method is appropriate for the cavity. Meanwhile, let us discover which strategy will work out for a cavity on the front tooth.



We best know cavity as tooth decay. It is an oral condition wherein a hole forms in our tooth. Additionally, cavities usually start in small sizes. However, if you do not undergo dental treatment for your cavities, they can gradually grow more prominent.

In reality, cavities don’t usually cause pain. For this reason, people with tooth decay might not even notice it. They would only come to realize its existence the time it already shows effects in their oral condition.

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Frontal tooth decay

a child with dental cavities in front teethDecay on front teeth is the most visible cavities. It is vital to know that the frontal tooth cavity requires immediate treatment from your dentist. It would be better not to let your tooth decay worsen. Get it checked by your dentist as soon as possible. Before we proceed to the treatment procedure for your cavity on the front tooth, let us first know how do we identify the cavity.

Tooth decay usually starts with white spots, which can lead to light brown or gray color. In this case, it would be best to seek dental care already. Don’t wait until the color turns dark brown or black.

Additionally, you might also experience pain or sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweet foods and beverages. For this reason, dental care from your dentist is necessary. Henceforth, neglected tooth decay might develop severe oral health issues.

Aside from decays, the front teeth can also get an injury from playing sports or falling or an accident, perhaps. Any blow in your face can undoubtedly affect your teeth. For this reason, you should be extra careful, especially when you are into hard-core activities.


Treatment application

Treating front teeth cavities starts with the removal of the tooth’s decayed portion. Afterward, the dentist will fill it using a robust and restorative material. First and foremost, a dentist uses composite fillings to repair frontal tooth cavities.


Composite fillings

Dentists also call these fillings tooth-colored fillings. Dentists use composite fillings made of composite resin, which are excellent for filling aesthetic dental restorations. This material matches the natural color of the tooth. As a result, its appearance on your teeth will not be a concern to you.

Composite fillings provide durability and protect teeth from further fracture. However, it is more expensive than amalgam, and insurance usually does not cover this treatment option. It is also important to remember that a dental filling cannot last forever. Sooner or later, you have to replace the composite fillings in your tooth.before and after composite filling

However, choosing composite fillings as a treatment option to repair teeth still shows several advantages. The dentist can shape it accordingly to match your teeth. They can even bond it to your teeth. In effect, it can support the remaining tooth structure.

On the other hand, there are also potential drawbacks. Composite fillings can cause sensitivity but for a short period only. Additionally, the shade of composite fillings can change because of stain-causing foods or beverages.



Aside from composite fillings, your dentist might also recommend one of these prosthetic options to treat your cavity:

  • Crown: A crown may be necessary if your frontal tooth has severe damage, such as a large crack. Aside from that, the decay is too extensive, which fillings can no longer cover. Furthermore, a crown is better for broken teeth or if you have undergone a root canal treatment. The dentist will also select a crown that matches the natural color of your teeth. In this case, you don’t have to worry how it would look like in your mouth.
  • Veneers: This option involves thin pieces of porcelain, which also match the tooth’s natural color. Dentists usually choose this option if your tooth has chipping, broken, discolored, or smaller than other teeth. Your dentist will bond this to the front surface of your teeth. On the other hand, some individuals only replace the affected tooth. Meanwhile, others get six to eight veneers to create an even, symmetrical smile.

As shown above, you have plenty of treatment choices. However, the dentist will explain which treatment is the most appropriate for the cavity on your front tooth. As an illustration, this video shows frontal tooth cavity repair.


Final thoughts

Do you want to end up thinking which procedure best applies to you? Or would you rather prevent decay in the first place? In general, we only need to brush and floss our teeth properly. Furthermore, it is essential to always go with our dental appointments regularly. Preventive measures are always better than cure.