can wisdom teeth grow back

Can wisdom teeth grow back?

Wisdom teeth are located on both the lower and upper jaws. They are the last two molars. Often they will appear in an individual’s late teens or early twenties. If a Wisdom tooth does not fully emerge or is aligned incorrectly, it can cause crowding of the teeth and/or severe pain. When you experience severe pain from dental problems, you can visit the dentists at BID in Castle Hills. They can provide you with dental solutions to your problem.

The American Dental Association recommends to all young people aged between 16 and 19 have their Wisdom teeth checked out to see that they will emerge correctly. If the dentist finds a potential issue, they remove the teeth. Not all Wisdom teeth need to be removed, some will grow healthy and cause no problems.

So, having established what Wisdom Teeth are and that sometimes there is no need to remove them, we can ask a further question.

Can wisdom teeth grow back?

Well, the answer is really more complicated than just yes or no. The same tooth cannot grow back, as it has been extracted but where the confusion lies is that some people have more than the regular four wisdom teeth. There may be another wisdom tooth that has never emerged because of a lack of space, but after the extraction, there is room for it to emerge. This leads people to think that the wisdom tooth has grown back. I stress, only some people have these extra wisdom teeth and that most people have no further problems once they extract the existing wisdom teeth.

can wisdom teeth grow backWhy do most wisdom teeth get extracted?

Since the wisdom teeth emerge much later than other teeth, there is usually a problem with space and there is nowhere for the teeth to emerge properly. This causes them to push against other teeth or come out at strange angles. Both scenarios cause individual problems, so it is often wiser simply to remove them.

I hope that this article has answered any questions you may have about wisdom teeth.