average cost of wisdom teeth removal

Average Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal

It is actually a common case where the wisdom tooth or third molar is not positioned correctly. This is famously called impacted wisdom tooth. But do you know the purpose of this tooth? Do you know the cost to remove your wisdom teeth and how come it’s much more expensive to extract when it is expensive?

Why Is It Called as such?

Centuries ago, it was originally termed as the “teeth of wisdom”. Later in the mid 1800s, it was finally called “wisdom” tooth.

Unlike the incisors, molar teeth don’t erupt right away. Commonly, they start to grow and come out when one is between 17 and 24 years of age.

The Average Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Just like any other dental procedures, it’s common for a patient to experience mild to moderate anxiety when the dentist recommends for the wisdom tooth to be removed. Aside from the fear of experiencing side effects such as bleeding and infection, the cost can also be a causative agent of anxiety.

Will I feel pain during and after the procedure?

How long will the procedure take?

How much am I going to pay for the procedure?

These are the usual questions we ask every time we undergo dental treatment, including the removal of wisdom tooth.

An anesthetic agent will be administered to the patient prior to the procedure. Some procedures would require general anesthesia, instead of local, depending on the patient’s case.

Local anesthesia will only promote numbness around the mouth area while keeping the patient awake for the duration of the procedure. General anesthesia totally sedates the patient. If you’ll be under general anesthesia, make sure you’re accompanied by someone who’ll safely take you home after the procedure.

The procedure usually lasts for a maximum of two hours. The patient can expect a little bit of discomfort over the past few days. Full recovery is to be expected in two to three weeks.

Is it covered by Insurance?

average cost of wisdom teeth removal

One of the main reasons why an individual refuses to have his or her wisdom teeth removed is due to the cost. The cost of extracting a regular wisdom tooth is from $75 to $200. It can reach around $800 if all four wisdom teeth are to be removed in one session.

Expect the cost to be higher if the wisdom tooth is impacted. It can range between $250 and $600. It can also reach to around $800 if general anesthesia is needed.

The insurance company would usually cover half of the costs if the procedure is medically necessary. There are also those who’ll cover around $1000 to $1500. Nevertheless, it’s best to talk this over to the company to verify how much will be covered.

Is It Required to Remove All Wisdom Teeth?

As long as there are no possible complications involved, removing all four wisdom teeth is up to the patient. Should you decide to have all four extracted in one session, the advantage is that you only need to be administered with anesthesia once. That’s a huge savings compared to the other option.

The length of the recovery period does not change whether you have all four removed or one at a time.