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More Alaska Businesses Ban Smoking

Dental health is a very important issue and needs to be taken in to notice. A lot of people ignore it thinking, it is not a vital part of the body. Many people also ignore brushing and flossing two times a day. It is evident to take in to notice all of these little things, keeping in mind the types of sugary food and beverages we consume. For more info regarding this, just visit

Alaska government has taken strict measures and has worked to a great extent to improve oral health and eradicate dental issues. The Legislature has taken a strong measure and decided to ban smoking in a lot of different places. Supporting this decision, more Alaska businesses ban smoking. The Legislature has been working on the topic of dental health for the past six years. The Alaska House of representatives approved the ban of smoking in the whole state. The bill was approved after 32-7 procedural votes. The Bill is passed on to the Governor Bill Walker who is supposed to sign it.

This is a great step taken by the officials of Alaska as it will be a big leap for the public safety. Not only passive smokers will benefit out of it, but active smokers will also have to decrease their smoking, considerably. This is a great victory in the field of oral health. A lot of people are suffering from problems like:

  • Bad breath
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Build-up of plague
  • Gum diseases
  • Increased loss of bone with the jaw.

Yet, they do not manage to or want to quit smoking.

ban smokingA strict ban on smoking is going to effect on the minds of the citizens making them responsible for their dental health. A lot of businesses in Alaska, from bars to restaurants have decided to ban smoking. Even smoking in a bus, taxi or any other form of public transport will be forbidden. Cities like Bethel, Anchorage and Juneau have banned smoking. This bill will be extended to the rest of the areas as well.

It is a great step taken by the government of Alaska and a lot of people have come out in support of them. A lot of businesses should themselves identify oral issues and support the smoking ban.