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St. Lawrence Epistemology

April 22, 2014 Nome No Comments
Aucha Johnson of Unalakleet kicking during 98 during a BSSD NYO Tournament in Gambell.

Aucha Johnson of Unalakleet kicking during 98″ during a BSSD NYO Tournament in Gambell.

This post is really late. When we started it we was sitting on a building of a gym in Gambell, examination half a dozen coaches lay measuring fasten for a final eventuality of a Bering Straits School Districts Native Youth Olympics tournament, a Seal Hop. Four girls hopped on their palms and tippy-toes. Seal Hop is a competition where any step is a bouncing push-up forward. For as distant as we can go, until we collapse. Gambell’s propagandize mascot is a Qughsatik, aristocrat frigid bears. There’s a frigid bear censor a distance of a studio unit mounted on a wall, usually right of a basketball hoop.


I went for a story on a tournament, and about what a Native Youth Olympics meant in a village like Gambell and a segment like a Bering Straits. My crony Marjorie assimilated to yield context, assistance with interviews, and offer consultant research on both a games and a normal activities they impute behind to. The events we watched—one-foot high kick, sign hop, hang pull, more—are codified versions of strength building exercises and inventiveness demonstrations used some-more accidentally in a not-so-distant past. The high kicks, as best anyone knows, were signals between whalers before radio equipment.


By a time we got home to Nome on Friday dusk we was drained—emotionally, physically, all of it. we had usually about adequate appetite to make Tara boiled buffalo wings for her birthday and afterwards indispensable to spend some time brooding on tongue-tied to re-coop a emergence of solidity. My conduct and appendages felt like porridge.


The reason we was exhausted was that it was a full trip, and we was in it fully. Reporting-wise we did my best pursuit nonetheless of removing interviews with coaches and athletes, mostly since Marjorie knew accurately a right people to pester, and prodded me into going adult to them. There was earthy annoy from sitting on tough bleechers for hours, sleeping in a bag on a library building with usually snowpants for a pillow, and a unique, intractable glandular secretion (from myself and others) that happens usually happens in propagandize gyms. Constant, wet perspiration. The worse kind.


But, fleshly annoy was graphic from a many harder, some-more disturbing work of remembering we am tiny and a stranger, and that there is always too many to be famous to ever know.


Many of a questions we find many critical regard epistemology: what do we know and how do we know it. Data, information, and believe are 3 epistemological teirs. Data is significant element with no context. At a NYO contest information was a numbers in a brackets about who kicked 98 inches on their second try, or how many yards an 11th grader seal-hopped. Data is like a brick: it solidly supports a incomparable structure, yet tells we subsequent to zero on it’s own. Information is a fact within a context, and is a banking of newsrooms and a innumerable of other industries. Knowledge is scarcer, and I’m not assured that during 25 years aged I’ve got a ideal clarification yet. At a risk of tautology: believe is what we know yet thinking. The sensation, action, and tension convey a explanation. Perhaps it’s meaningful your feet struck a seal-skin round in a two-foot high flog not by saying it pitch post-contact, yet from feeling how your legs pulled straight, how your toes stranded together, how a crowd’s atmosphere shifted before we sunk behind down to a earth.


The reason we was stranded meditative about NYO and epistemology on this outing was since we got a few touching reminders that during 8 months in we know small some-more than that questions to ask about a region. I’ve schooled a lot, yet it’s aspect stuff. Information.


Gambell, by some critical metrics, has had a severe year. The low walrus collect created, by some accounts, a food necessity in a village yet many of a money reserve. Turn over during a propagandize is high this year. Crimes attempted during a justice in Nome are up. we know this since we have seen a data. But does that meant a hardship is “true”? Or rather, how loyal are a numbers in a context of meaningful what’s indeed going on? This is a ghastly philosophical swamp of epistemology. we had conversations with people who told me in annoy of problems a village is thriving. we saw relatives and peers entertaining for Gambell athletes with unashamed bend and support. Perfect strangers gave me reindeer stew, muktuk, and unconditional hospitality. The singing on Thursday night was finished yet regalia or pomp, celebrants floated adult casually: it was an organic and critical protocol rather than one of resuscitated ceremony. These are critical indicators of informative and amicable well-being. Do they protest a data?


What is to be believed as a fullest indicator of reality? Rather: what’s loyal if we wish to learn about a village like Gambell, a segment like a Bering Straits, a state like Alaska? 8 months is frequency a lifetime, yet it’s some-more than a vacation, and by goal we get to dwell in a critical library of information. And newly a humbling refrain buzzing in my conduct or heart has been certainty usually in uncertainty: “Jeez, there’s usually so many we have no thought about.”


On Saturday afternoon we went to an NYO proof and mini-tournament for high schoolers in Nome (this might be tricky, yet a Bering Straits School District is obliged for a superficial communities, while Nome has it’s possess propagandize district. They’re graphic even yet they’re proximate.). Marjorie is one of a coaches and told me we should come. we didn’t wish to. It was a Saturday, it felt vaguely workish, we was exhausted and loungey, and there was a prolonged list of chores that felt some-more prescient. But, a second we stepped in a facile propagandize gym we knew I’d been wrong: this was accurately where we should be. There were high schoolers we famous from going to NYO use twice to try it out (also during Marjorie’s insistence), relatives that greeted me with a curtsy of recognition, and some-more friends than I’d famous to expect. Shortly after plopping down, assembly members were invited to attend in a one-foot high kick, and we went up, cuffing my jeans usually a small bit aloft and stripping off my collared shirt to maximize my kicking abilities. And yet we did not flog a top we was also distant from last. On my final few leaps we knew when we focussed my knees for take off either or not I’d strike a ball.


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